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Malawi Polytechnic Student reaches out to Mfera`s Judah after Watching RE: ACTIVE My Life My Choice video

Tales of the my life my choice event hosted in Chikwawa`s Mfera CDSS and Malawi Polytechnic will remain unforgotten to Judah Nanthambwe who was featured in RE:ACTIVE video, My Life, My Choice (Moyo Wanga, Chisankho Changa) 2014 event as he got attention from one non participating student from the college.
Freda Lwanda, a fourth year student doing her bachelor’s degree in Physical planning requested SCHI team to connect her to Judah after she was inspired by the lads dream through the video. “When I saw Judah in the video I saw potential from him to succeed. But recognizing the challenges they are facing in rural Chikwawa, I thought of helping him out.”- Said Freda from Polytechnic.
The polytechnic student pledged school fees until Judah completes his secondary education, learning text books and other learning materials from time to time. The two met on 16th October 2014 for a chat and Freda reassured Judah that his dream is possible citing her own experiences. She also advised Judah on refraining from peer influence, reckless behavior and encouraged hard work as the key to success. “I urged him to live responsibly and to focus on school as peer pressure and reckless living can lead to his failure.”- said the Poly student


Judah receives support from Freda (seated) as Rossanie Daudi (HPS Coordinator) and Scatter Makumbi (SCHI field worker) look on.

SCHI Health promoting school coordinator, Rossanie Daudi, hailed Freda`s effort as a boost to the theme “My life, My choice”.
“It was great news to us as  organisers of the event, and as health promoting school pioneers in Mfera area. Her assistance to Judah not only displaces some barriers to his life goal, but also indicate the impact of the video, which is a success to us. It also shows that university students have a passion to inspire others all of which was captured in the “My Life My Choice” theme.”
Meanwhile Judah was moved by the initiative and pledged to work extra hard towards going to the university. The Polytechnic student will be monitoring Judas performance in the long run. “I am humbled by the coming of Freda and her assistance came at the right time. I will do my best…” said Judah in an interview

My Life, My Choice (Moyo Wanga, Chisankho Changa) was a 2-day event held in July 2014 to empower youth in the Scotland Chikwawa Health Initiative area. Funded by the University of Strathclyde to celebrate the legacy of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the event brought together University of Malawi. You can view the video here Moyo Wanga, Chisankho Changa

One comment on “Malawi Polytechnic Student reaches out to Mfera`s Judah after Watching RE: ACTIVE My Life My Choice video

  1. Aleksandr-Alain Kalanda
    November 21, 2014

    Great story. Helping others does not always means having lots of money. Right attitude is important.

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