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Moving Towards Healthy Markets

Market committee newly elected

Market committee newly elected

The safety and hygiene of markets is a key component of healthy settings approach, and with this in mind, the SCHI has been targeting the markets within the current pilot area.

Recent elections took place in Dembo and Mfera Markets to choose new Market Committees who will be given the task of driving the Healthy Markets programme with their fellow vendors.

During the baseline assessment of the markets a number of expected hygiene issues were identified which need to be addressed by all vendors and market users. However in order to move forward with the market development it was agreed that effective market committees needed to be instigated who would take this agenda forward. This will not only ensure local ownership but also support the sustainability of market development. Election of the committees was facilitated and supported by Chikwawa District Assembly

Butchery section of current Dembo market - the healthy markets will seek to improve standards of food safety

Butchery section of current Dembo market – the healthy markets will seek to improve standards of food safety


Markets in Dembo and Mfera have a number vendors with wares ranging from second hand clothes to freshly slaughtered goat and beef. The SCHI team will now be working with these committees and government officials (market supervisors, veterinary assistants, environmental health staff, etc.) to provide management and hygiene training and develop plans for healthy market development. Training will not only include committee members but over 100 vendors from the markets.

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