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Flood Relief Efforts Continue.

IMG_0230The flood relief efforts for communities in Chikwawa is continuing as the water subsides. However there continue to be families and households who are living within the temporary camps and buildings across the district, and remote communities which have only just been reached in the last couple of weeks.

Since the floods began, we have received fantastic support through FROM Scotland, the Scottish Government and local individuals/organisations, who have assisted with funds and goods in kind for distribution. We are extremely indebted to them for their support and good wishes, and attached is a report on how those funds were spent up until the beginning of February 2014 (Flood report Feb 4 2015). Since that time we have continued to work with the District Health Office and District Assembly to support households and camps. Later in February, we provided an additional 150 emergency packs containing amaze flour, fortified maize flour, soya pieces, oil, soap, plates, cups and blankets to community members on the East Bank who have lost their homes are are vulnerable due to old age, disability, illness, pregnancy, etc.

IMG_0216Our next priority is to support replanting in key areas of the district where crops were washed away in the flood waters. We will focus on winter crops such as cassava and sweet potatoes which will survive after the rains have stopped in the next two months. Hopefully this will provide additional food security to those households affected. Within the SCHI project area, we will also be working with Group Village Heads and Village Heads on how they can come together as a community to support those most badly affected, particularly in the construction of new houses which collapsed.

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This entry was posted on March 6, 2015 by in Flood relief.

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