Scotland Chikwawa Health Initiative

Addressing healthy settings in Malawi

Links with other organisations

FROM Scotland is a charity based in the North East of Scotland which has strong ties to the Scotland Chikhwawa Health Initiative. They assist with additional support for specific child health related issues within Chikhwawa District as well as other areas of Malawi.

Scotland Malawi Partnership is an umbrella organisation which exists to inspire the people and organisations of Scotland to be involved with Malawi in an informed, coordinated and effective way so that both nations benefit. SCHI has been involved with SMP and its events since it’s inception in 2004 as it was born from Strathclyde University’s ‘Malawi Millennium Project’.

Malawi Scotland Partnership is the sister organisation to the Scotland Malawi Partnership. Based in Malawi the SCHI staff have been active members of the organisation since its inception in 2012.

Water for People are also working in Chikwawa District and SCHI are working together with the US based organisation to develop Integrated Water Resource Management programmes for the target villages as well as integrating the GIS mapping programmes for collation of SCHI household data management and epidemiological monitoring elements with current FLOW programmes.

Centre for Alternatives for Victimised Women and Children have been a previous collaborating partner with SCHI in maternal health projects (2009-2010). More recently in healthy settings SCHI have been working with CAVWOC on the community mobilisation elements of programme development and training. As an implementing partner with SSDI, SCHI have learned from the experiences of CAVWOC on the current training manuals as they have been developed and adapted for community mobilisation in health settings approach.

Based at Mfera Health Centre Action Meningitis triage programme links directly with the work being undertaken by the healthy settings programme by extending awareness and knowledge into the community on serious bacterial infections, and ensuring prioritisation of patients when they arrive for health care. Action Meningitis are active on the SCHI steering group.


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