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Welcome to the Chikwawa Health Initiative Blog

Welcome to the Scotland Chikwawa Health Initiative Blog. SCHI is a collaborative programme between the University of Strathclyde, University of Malawi (Polytechnic) and the Ministry of Health (Chikwawa). Our main … Continue reading

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FIRED UP-Health Promoting Schools ready to take action on health determinants

As a famous Malawian adage goes, “Mphini yobwereza imawala” (Something done twice will have more impact than done once), which was true for the health promoting schools programme as the … Continue reading

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Health Messaging through mHealth services

In February the newest member of the SCHI team came over from the University of Strathclyde to gain a better understanding of day to day project life. As well as … Continue reading

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Flood Relief Efforts Continue.

The flood relief efforts for communities in Chikwawa is continuing as the water subsides. However there continue to be families and households who are living within the temporary camps and … Continue reading

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Chikwawa devastated by floods

Malawi has had a devastating start to 2015 with torrential rains hitting over half the country, causing widespread flooding. Chikwawa was one of the hardest hit Districts, due to the … Continue reading

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Moving Towards Healthy Markets

The safety and hygiene of markets is a key component of healthy settings approach, and with this in mind, the SCHI has been targeting the markets within the current pilot … Continue reading

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Orienting on the Health Promoting Schools Concept to School Teams

As a means to improve capacity and enhance performance of Health Promoting Schools in target areas, the SCHI HPS team organised an orientation for school stakeholders. This is part of … Continue reading

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Malawi Polytechnic Student reaches out to Mfera`s Judah after Watching RE: ACTIVE My Life My Choice video

Tales of the my life my choice event hosted in Chikwawa`s Mfera CDSS and Malawi Polytechnic will remain unforgotten to Judah Nanthambwe who was featured in RE:ACTIVE video, My Life, … Continue reading

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Village Action Plans underway – time for the community led work to begin

Over a period of 9 months the SCHI team has been embedded in the Mfera catchment area identifying the needs, priorities and social capital issues within the 18 villages. The … Continue reading

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Moyo Wanga, Chisankho Changa (My Life, My Choice)

My Life, My Choice (Moyo Wanga, Chisankho Changa) was a 2-day event held in July 2014 to empower youth in the Scotland Chikwawa Health Initiative area. Funded by the University … Continue reading

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